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Some Bromages Around the Web
Actual pages by or about (or pictures of) persons called Bromage.

Other Possibly Interesting Bromage Links
Pages which were related or reasonably relevent, but aren't really "about" the person in question.

  • Dr. Niall Bromage is an aquatic biologist of some repute
  • William T. Bromage is the president of Webster Bank
  • The Bromage scale is used by anesthesiologists to measure motor block; named after Dr Philip R Bromage, who pioneered the use of epidural anesthesia
  • According to the Urban Dictionary, bromage (pronounced to rhyme with the French word, fromage, meaning, cheese) is a mix of two words: Bromance (a made-up word for men who spend quality time together) and the word marriage, sounding exotic and almost French in nature. (Go figure!)
  • The Bromage Internship at The University of Michigan,l was named in honor of Dr. Arthur W. Bromage, a long time professor of public policy and administration at the University whose scholarly work and service focused on improving the quality of local government.
  • Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, Castle Bromwich, Warwickshire (well, Bromage is a variation of Bromwich, and the gardens are really lovely, so there you go)

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